10 for 10 Presentations

10 for 10 Presentations brought to you by the ICSM


  1. Asthma in Athletes (pptx)- Topics covered include an overview of triggers, considerations, exercise induced asthma (EIA), prevention and treatment. 
  2. Concussions in Intercollegiate Athletics (pptx)- Topics covered include NCAA concussion policy and legislation, signs, symptoms, management, return to play and return to learn.
  3. Diabetes Mellitus (pptx)- Topics covered include signs, symptoms, treatment, the elements of a diabetes comprehensive care plan and how a diabetic student athlete should travel to away games. 
  4. Drug Testing, Supplements and Banned Substances (pptx) - Topics covered include NCAA drug testing and banned drug/supplement information. 
  5. Emergency Action Planning (pptx)- Topics covered include components of an EAP, roles of first responders, communication protocol and documentatoin of events requiring the use of an EAP. 
  6. Environmental Conditions (pptx)- Topics covered include exertional heat illness (EHI), dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, exertional heat stroke (EHS), exertional hyponatremia, cold-related injuries and lightning safety. 
  7. The Female Triad (pptx)- Topics covered include disordered eating, amenorrhea and osteoprosis.
  8. Mental Health Issues (pptx)- Topics covered include behaviors to monitor, approaching and referring a student athlete who may have mental health issues and risk management and legal counsel considerations.
  9. Pregnancy in Student-Athletes (pptx)- Topics covered include musculoskeletal adaptations, nutritional requirements, exercise prescriptions, the effect on competition, air travel and warning signs of when to stop exercise. 
  10. Sickle Cell Trait and Intercollegiate Athletics (pptx)- Topics covered include an overview of the sickle cell trait and sickle cell events, differences in signs of sickling vs heat illness, NATA Consensus Statement on Exertional Sickling, and acute care and management.
  11. Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Intercollegiate Athletics (pptx)- Topics covered include prevalence of, recognition of, common causes, prevention and screening, emergency planning and management of.
  12. Suicide Awareness and Prevention (pptx)- Topics covered include risk factors, signs, myths and how to help.