Honors and Awards

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The Honors and Awards Committee needs your help to make sure our profession’s top contributors are recognized! Any NATA member may nominate a colleague for one of the association’s national honors or awards. Please refer to our timeline to make sure your nomination is received in plenty of time. 


2024 Honors and Awards Recipients


Award Info

The 2025 Honors and Awards Cycle will begin August 1st, 2024.

If any candidate needs assistance or has questions about the process, they should email honorsandawards@nata.org.

There are a variety of awards bestowed each year to worthy members of NATA, each with their own unique requirements, application, review processes, timelines and recognition efforts.  There is a set timeline (see below) and a shared application for most of the National Awards under the Honors & Awards Committee.  These awards include:  Hall of Fame (HOF), Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer (MDAT), Athletic Trainer Service Award (ATSA), Eve Becker-Doyle Leadership Award, Fellows and the Gail Weldon Award of Excellence. Jack Weakley Award of Distinction and Honorary Membership have separate applications.

Many awards require that a candidate complete an application or submit supporting materials (letters of recommendation, vitae, etc.). We recommend you allow ample time to complete these materials by submitting your nominations early.

Please review the NATA H&A Committee Tips for assistance completing your candidate profile.




August 1 (12:00am Central Time)

September 15 (11:59pm Central Time)

October 1 (11:59pm central time)




Nominations open

Nominations close

Deadline to return all application and support materials

Award Recipients selected

Awards presented during the NATA Convention & AT Expo

While other NATA awards may follow the same or similar National Awards timeline, almost all of them have different applications, requirements and separate processes in place for submission, selection, notification and recognition.  Please be advised that a candidate for multiple awards will most likely need multiple nomination forms and supporting documents, depending on the requirements for each award.  View our helpful breakdown of all the awards that are given at NATA below, and be advised that any questions for a particular award should first be directed to the staff liaison listed as the contact on the respective award page.