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Salary Survey Resources

The NATA Salary Survey is normally conducted every two years with the goal of providing NATA members with the data they need in negotiating with current and prospective employers. The survey results provide a snapshot of the profession as a whole from an earnings standpoint but are also searchable and show how specific variables affect the average salary.  Additional factors like cost of living increases, etc. should be taken into consideration when accessing these results.

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Explore NATA Salary Survey Results

Customize your search for survey result data using a variety of filters such as demographics, professional certifications and benefits received using the Salary Survey Online Database, a member-only tool.  The online databse also grants members exclusive access to a variety of useful documents that detail the findings. 

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Prospective employers of athletic trainers can fill out a quick questionnaire in order to gain access to results from the NATA Salary Survey.