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Career Center

Whether you're in the market for a job in athletic training or an employer looking for athletic trainers, NATA's Career Center is the most comprehensive job listing service for athletic trainers.

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Online Education

The NATA Professional Development Center (PDC) is the best resource for online CEUs that are affordable, relevant and convenient. Find online education opportunities that will help you grow as an Athletic Training Professional.

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Educational Events

NATA hosts and supports a variety of live educational events for athletic trainers, students and educators. Find an event that matches your interests and earn CEUs in person with your peers.

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NATA strives to provide the resources you need to grow as an athletic trainer. From finding a job using the Career Center to advancing your education through professional development opportunities, NATA has the tools to help you succeed. Join NATA to receive discounts on these powerful career resources.


Finding Your Educational Pathway

The Educational Pathways Document, created by a work group comprised of members of the NATA Executive Committee for Education and NATA Post-Professional Education Committee, breaks down each educational possibility available after an athletic trainer earns his/her bachelor’s or master’s degree and becomes certified. In addition to outlining what comes next for AT students after graduation and certification,  the document also explains the differences between each option (ie: fellowship vs. residency) and offers additional resources and considerations. The Educational Pathways document is designed to be a living document and will be updated as new resources and information become available.