Business of Athletic Training

The business of athletic training incorporates business concepts into the practice of athletic training. These concepts will help athletic trainers speak the same language as their employers, understand the goals and objectives of their employer and understand the impact that they have on a business (patient satisfaction, revenue and positive outcomes). 


The Business of Athletic Training Webinar Series 

The Business of Athletic Training (you must be logged into the PDC to access) webinar series incorporates basic business concepts into the tool kit of all athletic trainers.  It is highly recommended that attendees participate in the entire BOAT webinar series; however, the webinars are flexible enough in format that you can choose which ones you want to complete. 

These tools, though unique to some athletic trainers, are as necessary as learning how to tape. As such, all athletic trainers should have these tools. Focusing on such business concepts as marketing, growing a business, leadership, networking, and how to create and build your “business” strategy, the workshop will assist the athletic trainer of any setting to incorporate these concepts into their place of employment and potentially build new revenue streams.


Understanding Your Scope of Practice

As new business models are developed and athletic trainers are used in a wider capacity, It is essential for athletic trainers and employers of athletic trainers to understand the AT's scope of practice to ensure they are practicing legally. The NATA Scope of Practice document answers many questions about what an athletic trainer is able to do, how scope of practice is determined and other important factors for consideratoin. 


Sample Contracts and Forms

These documents are only provided as informational and educational materials and should not be taken as legal advice. Seek the services of a licensed attorney in your state when creating legal documents.



Commonly Used Terms

Learn about key terminology in the business of health care and how it relates to athletic training.