Volunteer Resources

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers! We couldn't do what we do without you. The following resources are available to make your volunteer work go more smoothly.

Bylaw and Code of Ethics

Templates and Reports

Tips and Project Proposals

District and Staff Information

Committees are established by NATA with a specific purpose and duties. Membership is typically district-based, with a chair and 10 members representing each of the 10 NATA districts. Potential committee members are identified by the board liaison and chair, and then approved by their district directors. Final approval of the appointment is made by the president and board of directors. 

If you have been approved as a committee chair, committee member or a liaison, you must complete and submit the appropriate commitment to serve form below.


Board of Directors


Vice President/District 9 Director

Marisa Brunett, MS, LAT, ATC


Secretary/Treasurer/District 6 Director

Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT


District 1 Director

Diane Sartanowicz, MS, LAT, ATC



District 2 Director

Tanya Dargusch, LAT, ATC


District 3 Director

Katie Walsh Flanagan, EdD, LAT, ATC 


District 4 Director

Craig Voll, Jr., PhD, LAT, ATC, PT


District 5 Director

Rob Marshall, ATC





District 7 Director

David Gallegos, MA, ATC, Cert. MDT


District 8 Director

Lyn Nakagawa, MS, ATC, CSCS


District 10 Director

Tony Fitzpatrick, MA, ATC, LAT



Incoming Directors



Kathy Dieringer, EdD, LAT, ATC

District 6 Director-Elect

Scott Galloway, MBA, ATC, LAT


District 8 Director-Elect

Donna Wesley, MS, LAT, ATC


Thanks for your interest!  If you have any questions about the volunteer program, please contact Ruth Riggan.  We look forward to hearing from you.