Risk and Liability

Risk and Liability

Learn more about your liability as a health care provider and how you can mitigate risk through a proper understanding of standards of care and professional practice.



In today’s litigious society, it is more important than ever to have thorough records of services provided. Comprehensive documentation in every workplace setting helps reduce risk to the athletic trainer, the employer and the profession as a whole. Standardization of contemporary documentation practices is essential for today’s practicing AT, and compliance to the accepted standards should be viewed as the gold standard. Learn about the Best Practice Guidelines for Athletic Training Documentation.


Integrity in Practice


Legal Digest

Read the Sports Medicine Legal Digest, NATA’s quarterly legal newsletter.



As an athletic trainer, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your employer from potential liability. Understanding the risks involved with patient care is essential for health care providers.  NATA has developed a liability toolkit for athletic trainers to help you assess your liability. You must be logged in as an NATA member to access this resource.









Liability Toolkit

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