Revenue Resources

Revenue Models

Revenue models contain information that will help ATs maintain and improve their positions by quantifying their worth to the organization


Secondary School Value Model

The Secondary School Value Model (SSVM) was developed by the Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee (SSATC) and the Committee on Revenue (COR) to help educate athletic trainers and consumers of athletic training services, especially within the secondary school setting, of the worth and value of an athletic trainer. Understanding and applying these concepts is critical for successful communication with decision makers, schools and the local community.


College University Value Model

The College University Value Model (pdf) (CUVM) was developed by the College University Athletic Trainers’ Committee (CUATC) in conjunction with the Committee on Revenue (COR).  The CUVM serves as a resource for value assessment for the athletic trainer in the college/university setting, as well as a presentation template for the college/university athletic trainer to appeal to non-member administrators.  The CUVM also provides unique global revenue strategies for the college/university athletic trainer. . It will serve as a tool to create more jobs in the college/university setting and improve the salaries, benefits and options of those jobs.


Physician Practice Value Model

The Physician Practice Value Model (pdf) (PPVM) was developed by the Committee on Practice Advancement to educate athletic trainers, administrators and consumers about athletic training services – especially within the physician practice setting. This document is meant to outline the value and worth an athletic trainer in the physician practice can bring to an institution. As the profession of athletic training continues to grow in stature, this value model will be considered a living document, adapting to economic challenges and public perception. This PPVM will serve as a global overview of other more detailed documents.


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