Category 2

The following abstract is an example of a program that was awarded a Category 2 EDAC Diversity Enhancement Grant. All EDAC grant recipients submit abstracts at the conclusion of their projects.



The purpose of this project was to review current information related to four medical conditions (Asthma, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Hypertension) which pose a greater risk to racial and ethnic minorities, and to create informational posters and brochures related to each condition in English and Spanish.  We used several resources such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to find current information related to the four medical conditions.  Once the information and data were collected, we sought assistance from two undergraduate graphic design students to assist us with the professional quality of the posters and brochures.  Additionally, we requested the documents in Spanish to be proofread by one of the Spanish professors on campus.  A series of eight colorful posters (24” x 18”) was created and will be distributed to high schools and colleges within District 7.  Each poster includes a description of the condition, incidence/prevalence, risk factors, and recommendations for prevention.  Two colorful brochures (English and Spanish versions) were created, and include the same information as the posters.  Informed athletes and coaches are more likely to identify and assist athletes who experience difficulty with one or more of the conditions included in the project materials.  The finished project included 8 posters (4 in English, 4 in Spanish), which provided information on A) incidence/ prevalence, B) causes/triggers, C) risk factors, and D) prevention.  Additionally, two brochures (English & Spanish) were created with similar information.



Colorado State University - Pueblo

Grant Writers: Karen Hostetter, PhD, ATC, James W. Ball, PhD, Jennifer Deluna, EdD, Roger Clark, PhD, ATC