Interact with fellow athletic training students as well as your representatives on the Student Leadership Committee. 

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Information on certification, employment, continuing education, finding an education program and athletic trainer responsibilities.

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Get Involved

Find opportunities to get involved as a student at the national, district and state level as a volunteer or with student events. 

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The NATA Student Leadership Committee (SLC) provides a voice for students within the athletic training community. The SLC promotes learning about issues impacting the athletic training profession, getting involved in volunteer opportunities and taking a stand on matters impacting students in the present and future.


NATA BOC Exam Study Guide Available for Free During COVID-19

In order to help during these unprecedented times, and appreciating that many students need resources to prepare for the upcoming BOC exam, NATA, in conjunction with our partners at the ACES Preparatory Workshops, is offering our mock exams for free (a $58 value) for NATA student members until May 1. To access the exam, program directors can submit their students’ names and NATA member numbers to

For students who are not yet members of NATA, we encourage you to join and take advantage of the offer. Those interested in joining NATA may join online. For students unable to pay for a membership at this time, NATA is offering a deferred payment option available by contacting NATA Member Services at 972-532-8897. Those requesting deferred payment will be able to join today without any money down, and will have until Aug. 30 to pay their dues in full. All membership benefits, including the study guide, will be made available immediately to those who become members, including those who choose to defer payment. This offer will be available through May 1.