Membership Standards and Sanctions

I.  Membership Standards

By joining the NATA, the member is agreeing to:

A. Abide by the NATA bylaws, policies and procedures, code of ethics, membership standards and other rules and regulations, and demonstrate compliance when asked.

B. Avoid improper or unauthorized use of the trademarks ATC, C.A.T., the NATA logo or its companion marks.

  • To discontinue immediately and correct at his/her own expense any misuse of these marks.
  • That if such activites do not cease immediately upon notification, NATA shall be entitled to obtain injunctive relief, damages, costs and attorney's fees.

C. Submit complete and accurate membership data and other information requested.

D. Felons convicted for crimes related to minors, health care, athletics or education are ineligible for membership application until one year after the exhaustion of appeals, completion of sentence or parole, whichever is later.  This includes but is not limited to felonies of a sexual nature; threatened or actual use of a weapon or violence; and the prohibitied sale, distribution of or possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.  Also included in this prohibition are convictions where an athletic trainer has used his or her position improperly to influence, or try to influence, the score or outcome of an athletic event, or in connection with gambling activity.


II. Membership Sanctions

When joining NATA, a member assumes certain obligations and responsibilities.  Sanctions may be imposed if a member does not properly fulfill those responsibilities.  

A. Grounds for Sanctions- A member may be subject to sanctions set forth below if he/she:

  • i. Submits fradulent information or in any other way attempts to improperly obtain NATA membership.
  • ii. Misrepresents membership or certification status, or other professional qualifications or credentials.
  • iii. Is convicted of a felony for the crimes described in (I) D. of the Membership Standards.
  • iv. Commits serious or repeated violations of NATA bylaws, policies and procedures, code of ethics, rules, regulations and standards.
  • v. Is subject to license, certification, or registration revocation or suspension by a state athletic training regulatory agency.  

B. Sanctions

  • i. Sanctions for violations of any membership standard shall be reasonable.
  • ii. Sanctions may include:  denial of eligibility, cancellation, non-renewal and suspension of membership, public censure and/or private reprimand.
  • iii. In cases where sanctions are imposed, the earliest that reconsideration could occur is one year from the date of the final ruling, a court decision or completion of sentence or parole, whichever is later.


September 28, 2005