Education Workgroups

Doctoral Education Workgroup

On June 25, 2012 the NATA Board of Directors approved a document entitled “Future Directions in Athletic Training Education” presented to the BOD by the NATA Executive Committee for Education. While the initial document included 14 recommendations, a 15th recommendation specific to doctoral education was also approved by the BOD. This recommendation reads:

“The NATA, with the support of the Strategic Alliance, should conduct a detailed analysis specifically focused on doctoral education (post-professional education) in athletic training.”

In June, 2014, the Post-Professional Education Committee (PPEC) discussed appointment of a workgroup to investigate doctoral education.  During the summer of 2014 the PPEC appointed a workgroup of NATA members, with experience in graduate education and curriculum. The final workgroup consists of 9 members. The charge of the workgroup is to examine the current landscape of doctoral education in athletic training.

Internship Workgroup

Using the NATA membership categories “Certified-Regular” and “Career Starter”—defined as a newly Certified-Regular member but who receives a reduction in dues for the first billing cycle following certification—to identify subjects, collect descriptive data about the athletic training internship employment model. Analyze this data to outline the characteristics of this workgroup and propose potential advantages/disadvantages for athletic training that may develop from this employment model.

For this project, the following definition will be used to identify an employment position as being an internship.

The position is titled internship, the individual in this position is not pursuing an academic degree or regular university/college coursework, and there is a term limit for the position.

The group is chaired by Michael Hudson, PhD, ATC and is made up of representatives from the following entities:

Transition to Practice

The charge of this work group, approved by the NATA BOD in September 2015 is to, “Examine the current landscape regarding transitioning a newly certified professional to independent practice in healthcare, and identify, should any exist, best practices within the literature.  Compare and contrast the findings regarding the broader healthcare community to the profession of athletic training, and draft a document identifying the state of transition to practice in athletic training to include recommendations for future directions.”

The group is made up of representatives from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, Board of Certification, Inc. and from several committees throughout NATA including:

This group anticipates providing their initial report and recommendations during Summer 2016

Inter-Agency Terminology Workgroup

The AT Strategic Alliance recognized that among our various agencies the same terminology is sometimes used differently.  Various committees within NATA were also working on terminology. The groups have now all joined together with representatives from the BOC, CAATE, NATA, and NATA Research and Education Foundation to all work together to develop one profession wide set of definitions. The initial work of this group is anticipated to be completed during early 2016. With language being dynamic rather than static, ongoing revisions are expected.