Board of Directors

The National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) is composed of eleven districts. Each district has a director and other officers.

The 11 district directors comprise the NATA's Board of Directors – along with NATA’s president, vice president and secretary/treasurer.


Board of Directors



Kathy Dieringer, EdD, LAT, ATC


Vice President/District 7 Director

David Gallegos, MA, ATC, Cert. MDT


Secretary/Treasurer/District 1 Director

Diane Sartanowicz, MS, LAT, ATC


District 2 Director

Tanya Dargusch, LAT, ATC



District 3 Director

Ray Davis, Jr., MSS, LAT, ATC




District 4 Director

Craig Voll, Jr., PhD, LAT, ATC, PT


District 5 Director

Rob Marshall, ATC



District 6 Director

Scott Galloway, MBA, ATC, LAT




District 8 Director

Lyn Nakagawa, MS, ATC, CSCS


District 9 Director

Donna Wesley, MS, LAT, ATC


District 10 Director

Kasee Hildenbrand, PhD, LAT, ATC



District 11 Director

Ryan Wilkinson, EdD, LAT, ATC