iLead Diversity Grant Program

The NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC) has created a specific application for ethnically diverse athletic training students who would like to attend NATA's iLead student leadership conference but may not have finances to do so. The iLead grant will be offered biennially to help offset the cost to the conference.

Note: The NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee also offers a grant for students wanting to attend the iLead Conference.

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Grant: Grants up to $1,500 may be awarded to each applicant.

Eligibility: An ethnically diverse athletic training student who is a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and enrolled in a CAATE-accredited athletic training program may apply. This includes students at both undergraduate and graduate entry-level programs.





Application Procedure: Application material must include the following:

1. Application cover sheet

2. Essay

  • Why is leadership important for diverse athletic trainers?
  • Include your goals post-graduation, as well your leadership goals.
  • Describe your financial need
  • Describe barriers you have found in your education or elsewhere as an ethnically diverse student and how you have overcome them.

3. Letter of support from your program director

4. Budget (form included)

  • Registration
  • Flight (include copy of quotes)
  • Hotel (include copy of quotes)
  • Food

For ease of distribution, an electronic copy of the application should be sent to the Chair of the NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee, Kysha Harriell, at, and to the Grant Committee Chair, Marissa Holliday, at


Evaluation Procedure:   The EDAC Grant Committee will review proposals that meet the application requirements for their completeness and determine if the application meets the above criteria. The general procedures for review include:

  1. The EDAC Grant Committee Chair will conduct a mechanical review.
  2. Complete proposals will be distributed to the review committee.
  3. The Grant Committee may decide to provide full or partial funding of the proposal.
  4. The Grant Committee Chair will notify applicants of the status of their proposal.

Criteria: Preference will be given to proposals that will enhance ethnic diversity within our professional membership and that demonstrate:  

  1. Need for financial support;
  2. Quality submitted materials;
  3. Appropriate qualifications of the applicants.

Deadlines: The iLead application will be due Oct. 1 for the FOLLOWING year's iLead conference.

Notification: The Chair of the EDAC Grant Committee will notify awardees by Oct. 15. An athletic training student who is awarded an iLead grant will be required to present at the EDAC Town Hall meeting at the national conference.  The conference registration will be included as part of the award so the student can attend.  In addition, there is a final packet that will be submitted to the EDAC committee, which will include a description of the conference, outcomes and future plans.


Download the EDAC iLead Grant Application.