William T. Griffin Award for Outstanding Leadership in Legislative Advocacy

Proud Athletic Trainer, family man, and friend, Bill Griffin demonstrated passion in every aspect of his life. Beginning as a student, Bill was a dedicated member of the NATA for over twenty-one years. Bill served enthusiastically as a member of the NATA Governmental Affairs Committee, Chair of the District III Governmental Affairs committee, NATA representative to the AMA Advisory Panel, and President of the NCATA until the time of his death. In 2011, he played an instrumental role in shepherding the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act into law in North Carolina.

Energetic, creative, resourceful, and politically savvy, Bill never missed an opportunity to protect student-athletes, support fellow athletic trainers, or promote his beloved profession. To honor and remember Bill, the Governmental Affairs Committee created this award in his name to recognize dedicated members of the athletic training profession who follow his example of leadership and service.

Nominees for this award will be members of the NATA and have demonstrated leadership over their careers in ways that reflect Bill's spirit and example, including:

  • Motivating others, especially AT leaders, to increase political involvement.
  • Leading by example, showing that one person can make a difference, e.g. through mentoring or fundraising or outreach to other organizations.
  • Demonstrating strategic thinking in organizing a legislative or grassroots campaign.
  • Initiating coalitions to maximize advocacy efforts. Individually and personally raising the visibility and influence of the profession.


Nomination process:

The nominator nominates a worthy candidate and compiles the necessary documents and sends them to the NATA office as described below:

  • Nomination form
  • Nominee's CV
  • 2 letters of recommendation specifically describing the nominee’s characteristics and activities as they relate to the characteristics outlined above (including one from the nominator)

All entries must be completed using the on line nomination form below. You may contact the NATA government affairs department with any questions. Winners will be chosen by the Government Affairs Committee and honored at the NATA Convention (during the State Leadership Forum meeting).


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Please list only activities that are not required by their employer as part of their of their regular employment responsibilities. Where relevant please list and describe the legislative / advocacy activities listed below and include: Associations/committees, Dates and/or years of participation Special accomplishments by the nominee during his/her tenure
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Please include two letters of recommendation specifically addressing the intangible characteristics and activities you feel uniquely qualify the nominee for this award.

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