Register for the Next NATA Timely Topics

January 13, 2021 by Elizabeth Quinn

The January NATA Timely Topics Series, moderator Donita Valentine, DAT, ATC, SFMA, will center on self-care and work-life balance strategies for the AT.

The NATA Timely Topics Series provides members with an engaging, high-level introductory conversation about a hot topic in athletic training. Each event will give attendees the chance to connect in real-time to thought leaders who have anecdotal success within these areas of interest as well as access to a library of related resources.

The first event of the January NATA Timely Topic Series, “Being Selfish to Become Selfless,” will be presented by Kenneth Games, PhD, LAT, ATC, at 11 a.m. CST Jan. 26. The purpose of this presentation is to breakdown the misconceptions of selfishness and demonstrate how selfishness is an essential component of sustainable leadership. The goal is that learners will leave with 10 actionable lessons to implement immediately as they continue their leadership journey. Young professionals will benefit most from this session.

“I'm excited for the opportunity to create an engaging, thought-provoking and perspective-shifting experience to inspire athletic trainers to take action on their approach to self-care,” Games said. “Attendees can expect to leave the presentation with the mindset, motivation and methods to take the first step in being selfish to be selfless. Make sure you bring a pen and paper to fully engage in the experience.”

The second event, “Four Principles to Live by – The Life of an Athletic Trainer,” will be presented by Doug Ashton, MS, ATC, at 11 a.m. CST Jan. 27. The four principles to live by include a variety of issues from social media to creating and maintaining energy to solve problems. The main four topics are: eliminate distractions, create energy, fear nothing and attack everything. Athletic training students will benefit most from this session.

Finally, the third event, “Learning to Rebalance Balance – The Returned AT Experience,” will be presented by Larry Cooper, MS, LAT, ATC, at 11 a.m. CST Jan. 28. This session will provide soon-to-be retired and retired ATs a perspective of finding new balance with volunteer life after retirement and thoughts of transition to retirement. Retired ATs will benefit most from this session.

"I look forward to sharing my strategy for easing into retirement," Cooper said. "While they might not work for everyone, it may include components that will help you ease into retirement. You owe it to yourself to investigate to see if they will work for you."

Registration is free for NATA members, and $45 per event for nonmembers. Register for these self-care, work-life balance sessions online, and visit the NATA Timely Topics Series webpage for more information.