5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

May 16, 2014 by Todd Christman

We know you don’t have time to see all the news that's out there, especially news that is relevant and interesting to ATs. Those stories aren’t the easiest to find as they don’t often show up at the top of news feeds. But there are stories out there every week that feature ATs or are related to the profession. So here are five stories that you might not have seen this week but we thought you might like to check out. 


A tribute to what a small group with conviction can accomplish. The contract to keep AT Lynn Brumbach working with the district was renewed by the West Shore School Board after pleas from less than a dozen students and parents. 
FiveThirtyEight analyzes injury rates for cheerleaders. New York State, following 34 other states and Washington, D.C., reclassified cheerleading as an official school sport last month hoping to help reduce those figures. 
Michigan State AT Brian Bratta and Kevin Morin, who have been friends since graduate school, already had a lot in common. They sit next to each other at MSU football games, are both from small Midwest towns and have large families. Now they have shared one more thing: Bratta’s kidney. 
Sports on Earth writer Patrick Hruby takes a look at a wide variety of concussion studies. It is possible that contact sports may be worse for your cognitive health than previously assumed, though much still remains unknown. 
Sports Medicine Research highlights a study from The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, “Evaluation of a Simple Test of Reaction Time for Baseline Concussion Testing in a Population of High School Athletes.”