Aronson and McLean Honored

January 28, 2021 by Todd Christman

The 2021 recipients of the LGBTQ+ Award for Inclusive Excellence are Patricia Aronson, PhD, LAT, ATC, and Lindsy McLean, AT Ret.

Aronson is known for her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion. The athletic training community serves a very diverse population and needs the education to help ATs understand the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals. This need was fulfilled when the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee was created. Aronson, with her distinguished background, was the perfect person to chair the Advisory Committee in 2017. Some of Aronson’s accomplishments include serving as the chair and founding member of the LGBTQ+ AC, creating Safe Space Ally Training for athletic trainers, the establishment of an LGBTQ+ focused research grant, publishing many educational resources and mentoring LGBTQ+ students.  Tremendous leadership was needed to ensure the success of the LGBTQ+ AC, and Aronson was the perfect person.

Lindsy McLean has been a contributing member of the NATA since 1959. McLean endured homophobic harassment by players and officials throughout his 24 years with the San Francisco 49ers. McLean discussed his experiences in “The Healer” by Chris Bull, published in ESPN The Magazine in February 2004. McLean’s bravery captured audiences around the country, contributing to additional publications, including “A Public Disclosure” by Matt Maiocco in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and “Chipping Away at Homophobia” by Monte Poole in the Oakland Tribune. His impact on LGBTQ+ visibility in athletic healthcare is immeasurable.