Students: Attend BOC Prep Kahoot Challenge

January 8, 2024 by Lydia Hicks

Students, get ready to tackle the BOC exam by participating in the virtual NATA Student Leadership Committee BOC Prep Kahoot 2024 event at 7 p.m. CST Feb. 6-7. This event is free to NATA members and nonmembers.

Brought to you by NATA and ACES Preparatory Workshop, the event aims to help AT students test their knowledge and review for the upcoming BOC exam.

Students have the option to attend the event either Feb. 6 or 7. Students are only eligible to sign up for one session. Registration is required.

The top two winners from each session and the students from the district with the highest number of participants will receive prizes.

About SLC

SLC provides a voice for students within the athletic training community. The mission of SLC is to represent and advocate for students, create and promote professional development opportunities, and encourage student engagement in the athletic training community.

SLC provides athletic training students with resources to support their athletic training education and career development. AT students are encouraged to connect with SLC and fellow peers.