Attend the NATA CEC Meet and Greet

March 7, 2023 by Beth Sitzler

Veteran ATs are invited to attend the NATA Connection and Engagement Committee Meet and Greet at 11 a.m. CST March 29. This free event is an opportunity to learn about the committee as well as NATA’s various member resources. This is also a great opportunity to get your NATA-related questions answered and meet fellow ATs from around the country.

Keep reading to learn more and register for the meet and greet today.


Learn About the Gather Platform

Want to connect with fellow members, ATs in your setting and volunteer opportunities? Gather is your online community and networking resource. NATA members can engage online by joining special interest communities and interacting on discussion boards as well as explore volunteer opportunities and finding a mentee/mentor. During the NATA Connection and Engagement Committee Meet and Greet, you’ll receive an overview of the Gather website and learn how to access each of the benefits the platform as to offer.


Learn More About NATA’s Member Resources and Website

With so many resources and benefits provided to NATA members, it can be hard to remember where everything is located. During this event, the CEC will guide you through some of the most useful resources to members and how to access them via the NATA website. Areas to be covered include the NATA Career Center, NATA Professional Development Center and NATA’s Professional Interests groups, which span from job setting to career level and interests.


Have Your NATA Questions Answered

Time will be allotted during the event for a Q&A session during which attendees will have the ability to ask any questions about the topics covered or anything else related to NATA. The registration form includes an area to provide your questions in advance. If time allows, questions can also be asked during the event in whatever way you are most comfortable, whether that is typing in the chat box or using your microphone. This event is an opportunity for members to gain insight and knowledge directly from fellow AT peers who are familiar with NATA and member resources in an informal setting.


Meet and Engage With the NATA Connection and Engagement Committee

The NATA Connection and Engagement Committee was formed in the fall of 2021 and is responsible for serving as membership ambassadors by engaging and linking ATs with the resources, information and support available from the national office. Additionally, the committee serves to facilitate information flow and feedback across the state, district and national levels. The CEC includes ATs who cover a diverse range of employment settings and experiences, and you’ll be able to meet the team and engage with the representative from your NATA district!