Members Celebrate 50 Years With NATA

December 5, 2022 by Beth Sitzler

The December NATA News highlights the 112 members who celebrated 50 years of membership with NATA in 2022. Congratulations to these members, listed below, as well as all of our members who are celebrating milestones with the association this year!

Ronald Dunn     

Wm. McFarlin   

Larry Nottingham            

David Orr            

Robert Adelizzi 

William Walker

Herman Schneider          

Michael Willets

Lesley Rogan     

George Curtis   

James Popp       

Thomas Pepper Burruss

Duane Ritter      

Robert Hoehne

Michael Sherer

Jon Smith            

Roger Harbour  

John Moser       

Melvin Craig      

Karen Toburen 

Clyde Frankie    

Richard Gigliotti

Robert Evers     

Michael Travagliante     

Sue Lerner         

Ira Silverstein    

Hal Hilmer          

Michael Bell       

Ronnie Barnes  

Bradley Taylor  

Tommy Love     

Kaye Cosby        

Richard Benson

Charles Huffman             

Marjorie Albohm             

Kent Evans         

Joseph Murray 

Peter Carlon

Joanne Farley   

Gerald Krummel              

Phillip Mateja   

Anton Martinez

Joseph Bresnei 

Keith Handling  

Timothy Kurtz   

Richard Livermore          

Phillip Prather  

Robert Wilson   

Louis Perry         

John Faulstick   

Richard Eagleston           

Larry Duensing 

Richard O'Brien

Richard Hanson

Kenneth Chatham          

John Bielawski  

Jerry May

Beverly Land

Francis Feld

Glen Foster

John Bush

Alberto Errico

George Patterson

Robert Welles

Terry Winkle

Kenneth Schields

William Hyncik

Dominick Vitarelli

Gary Shields

Danny Foster

Anthony Rubba

John Streif

James Rankin

John Coddington

Edward Smith

George Davies

Michael Palamarchuck

Michael Pace

Gary Iwamoto

Rod Walters

Robert Marley

Kathleen Heck

Jack Mansfield

Robert Burke

Keith Luxton

Michael Freer

Larry Scheiderer

Michael Macejko

Howard Roth

Scott Anderson

Harold Henderson

Edgar Day

Randell Matthews

Rick Susick

Jerry Weber

Roger Hunt

John Williams

David Binder

James Roush

Jack Koelmel

Ronald Stefancin

Harry Hollihan

Joseph Donolli

Kirby Patterson

Owen Keller

Ted Plamondon

Geoffry Haines

Lonnie Clark

Donald Kaverman

William Helm

Anthony Garofalo

Daniel Minert


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