AT Halloween Costume Idea

October 14, 2016 by Todd Christman

Last year we conducted a contest to promote #BetterTogether, which was the theme of the 67th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo. The winner of the contest ending up being Brock Wright (@brockwright14), a student at Truman State University, with his friend Aaron Patterson. Below he explains the process of creating the tape outfits they wore for the photos they submitted, so if you’re looking for a unique costume for Halloween this year, this is your guide. Here’s Brock: 

Our first thought for the contest was that we wanted to dress up for the photo. We wanted to go all out for this photo. My friend, Aaron, and I talked with each other and we had to come up with something that fit the theme of "Better Together" for NATA. And we came up with the idea of big costumes of tape and pre-wrap because what else goes better together in athletic training than tape and pre-wrap? So our head athletic trainer, Michelle Boyd, helped us out by getting the first material from the physical plant on campus, a big cardboard tube that would be able to fit around us with straps. Aaron used a power saw to cut the tube in the proper dimensions, cutting the pre-wrap roll longer so it can be bigger than the tape roll. Another item we used was poster board to cover up the top part of the tubes and we cut holes in the middle so we were able to fit our heads through it. We did this so it gives the effect of the tube being full. The last supplies we needed were tape and pre-wrap, which we got the previous year from the convention. We did only one layer for each tube and it took five tape rolls and three pre-wrap rolls to do the job. And poof! There we were! Tape and pre-wrap! We enjoyed that day walking around campus as tape and pre-wrap! We got lots of compliments and we enjoyed dressing up as something that you don't really see during the Halloween season! We loved it and hope to come up with more ideas in the future!