New Funding Available For Safe Sports School Award

October 13, 2015 by Todd Christman

Updated 7/13/16

The Safe Sports School award is an NATA initiative to promote youth athlete safety, injury prevention, as well as athlete and parent education among secondary schools. District and state associations are showing their support by offering assistance to minimize the cost of applying for the award.
If your district or state is interested in starting a grant program, please contact Britni Adams.


Current Grant Programs


Colorado Athletic Trainers’ Association


  • Awarding 7 schools with $150 application fee
  • 6 grants left! Grant period starts over Jan. 1, 2016
  • Contact Jenny Van Meter for details


New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association


  • Sponsoring $150 application fees for 10 schools
  • Only 2 grants left!
  • Contact Britni Adams for more information!


Utah Athletic Trainers’ Association


  • Sponsoring $75 towards application fee for 13 schools
  • 13 grants still available
  • Contact Valerie Herzog for to learn about the UATA grant!


West Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association


  • Sponsoring $150 towards application fee for 10 schools
  • Deadline to apply: Dec. 31st
  • Contact Vincent Stigler for information on how to apply


Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association (District Nine)


  • Offering $150 application fee to 45 schools
  • Visit for information on how to apply!


Coming Soon!


  • Round Two Grant Program


Completed Grant Programs

D3: MAATA – Round One: Granted $75 to 40 schools, Round Two: $75 to 37 schools
D4: GLATA - Round One: Granted $150 to 33 schools 
D5: MAATA – Round One: Granted $75 to 11 schools, Round Two: $75 to two schools
Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Association - $150 to 30 schools