Honors & Awards Overview

July 28, 2014 by JordanG

A new award season is upon us, and this year brings a new timeline for NATA’s national award program. This year, nominations begin August 1. The final day to nominate colleagues for national honors is September 15, and all application materials are due by October 1.

Members of the Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, Fellows, Specialty and Athletic Trainer Service Award committees work diligently to be fair and considerate to each nominee, regardless of their work setting, district or any other factor.  Each committee makes every effort to select award winners who measure up to the high standards set by the Board of Directors and each member of our Association. 

It is also important to note the focus of the three NATA awards that have multiple recipients, so the candidate will know specifically what is being measured when their profiles are examined.  The focus and eligibility for each award is:

Athletic Trainer Service Award
Minimum Certification & Membership: 20 Years
Focus: Athletic training service and participation at the local and state levels
Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award
Minimum Certification & Membership: 20 Years
Focus: Athletic training service and participation at the district and national levels
Hall of Fame
Minimum Certification & Membership: 30 Years
Focus: Contributions and impact to the profession and the NATA
The committees are charged with basing their selections, as simply put as possible, on the factors listed above and how the candidate reflects these qualities within their profile and other application materials.  Each committee makes sure every award candidate goes above and beyond what is expected as an AT and a member of the NATA.   Therefore, activities that are required by an employer, however well they are done, would not enhance a profile. 

We encourage all candidates to fill out their profiles completely, including any and all information that might give each committee a full and accurate representation of their attributes. Athletic trainers are humble by nature and it is often difficult for candidates to “brag” about their accomplishments but committee members are charged with evaluating candidates without regard for any factors other than what the profiles reflect.  Previous candidates who are nominated again are strongly encouraged to re-submit their profile with any pertinent updates (i.e. service or activities you may have accidentally omitted or that have occurred since you last submitted your profile).

For more information, please visit http://www.nata.org/honors-awards. Please contact Angela De Leon, NATA Honors & Awards Coordinator with questions at angelad@nata.org.