NFL Rule Change Momentous For Athletic Trainers

March 25, 2015 by Todd Christman
Yesterday, during the NFL's annual owners meetings several rules changes were announced by the Competition Committee. One of these was especially significant because it will affect the athletic trainers who act as independent injury spotters during games. The new rule gives them the ability to stop a game if a player appears disoriented.
This is an unprecedented granting of power from the league as it will be the first time a third party besides the referees can halt play in the event of an injury.
The potential changes were addressed Monday by Rich McKay, who is the NFL Competition Committee co-chairman as well as the Atlanta Falcons CEO and president.

In order to be ratified, proposals needed to receive at least 24 votes from ownership. In the case of the injury spotter rule, this mark was easily achieved Tuesday morning when it was unanimously accepted.

Once the change was announced it became a national story, being picked up by major news providers including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC’s Pro Football Talk, MSN, SB Nation, Bloomberg and the Washington Post.