In the Works: Website Redesign & Targeted Communications

February 11, 2015 by JordanG

Tamesha Kennerson Logan, NATA’s Director of Marketing & Public Relations, gave a presentation to the attendees at the NATA Joint Committee Meeting in January 2015 that outlined several strategic initiatives in the national Marketing & Communications (MARCOMM) Plan for 2015. Two of the most exciting projects include the national website redesign and targeted communications plan.   

Website Redesign is getting a complete overhaul in 2015! We’ve been carefully collecting member feedback in preparation for this huge undertaking, and the redesign is underway. We’ve contracted with a local website design firm to help us build a modern, clean website that accomplishes the following objectives:
Clearly define and reinforce the AT brand, emphasizing that ATs are health care professionals who are uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of services, from prevention and diagnosis to rehabilitation.

FUNCTIONALITY: The new website needs to support operational goals, but most importantly it must be a modern, user-friendly resource that makes it easy for our members to find what they need.
To ensure the website addresses the needs of our members, we have solicited the help of the NATA Public Relations Committee, a diverse committee of athletic trainers from various settings and career experiences, to act as our advisors and provide feedback throughout the process.
NATA members can look forward to a sleek new look, improved navigation, a responsive design to support viewing on small devices, single sign-on capability and easily-accessible information that is relevant to your specific situation, which leads me to the next development…

Targeted Communications

We know our members desire communication and information that is specific and relevant to where they are in their careers, whether they identify by age group, job setting or another topic of interest. One of our major projects is the development of targeted communications, which will allow NATA members to create a tailored member experience. You’ll be able to handpick the information you receive, getting right to the topics that interest you the most.

Our targeted communications plan will be a point of focus for the new website, allowing you to easily access information by job setting or professional interest. The targeted communications will be incorporated into the NATA News, Range of Motion, NATA Now, social media and more, giving you many ways to stay informed. We know you’re busy people, and we intend to help you cut through the clutter and get to the information you need!
It’s important to note that without member feedback, we would have a much harder time knowing exactly what NATA members need from us at the national office. We are listening carefully to your ideas and opinions, and your input is extremely valuable. We’ll be conducting a member value survey soon, and we hope you’ll choose to participate. Your feedback helps us improve as an association.  

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