Six Word Declaration Project

June 17, 2014 by JordanG
One of our National Athletic Training Month activities was the 6 Word Declaration Project, an initiative where ATs use six words or less to respond to a prompt. The responses are always really clever and interesting. Here are some of our favorites:

Why choose athletic training?
  • Make a difference in others’ lives!
  • Because I care about athlete safety.
  • Not a choice; it's a calling.
  • Provide stellar medical care to athletes
  • Help athletes achieve their goals safely

What motivates you professionally?
  • The satisfaction in helping others heal....
  • Providing the best care possible
  • Being a servant for other people
  • The satisfying feeling of helping others!

Where do you see the profession in 10 years?
  • Athletic trainers in every secondary school
  • Every athlete having an athletic trainer
  • Educational reform leading to advanced practice

What does continuing education do for you?
  • Learn, grow, improve, develop, evolve, build
  • Grow, learn and make new connections
  • Empowers me to improve patient care
  • Strengthens the profession as a whole
  • Learn to become a better professional
  • Learning how to fix people...better
  • Learning opportunities for optimal patient outcomes
  • Grow professionally, better care for athletes
  • Helps me learn about current events
  • Enhances intelligent decisions to save lives.
  • Keep updated on research and treatments
How do you grow the athletic training profession?
  • Learn, plan, practice, evaluate, educate, legislate
  • Advocate, collaborate, educate, repeat
  • Advocate to treat athletic trainers individually.
  • Stop settling for poor living wages.
  • Evidence based practice, patient centered care!
  • Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance.
  • Never stop learning and teaching others.
  • Educate, communicate, learn, leading by example!
  • Demonstrate your value with data collection.
  • By educating patients and students
  • Educate, advocate, be involved, show professionalism
  • Inspire others doing what you love!
  • Clinical research targeting patient centered outcomes.
  • Innovating the art of athlete care.
  • Educate through blog, social media, speaking
  • Continue providing quality care to patients.
  • Professionalism, education, strong work ethic
  • Study, assess, plan, communicate, promote, encourage

Do you have a six word declaration you'd like to add? Let us know in the comments section!

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