10 for 10: A Timesaving Resource

August 29, 2017 by Beth Sitzler

As part of NCAA requirements and athletic training best practices, athletic trainers in the collegiate setting are tasked with giving educational presentations to their coaching staff and administration on important health and safety issues, such as heat illness, concussions, drug testing and inclement weather.

To help ATs in this endeavor, the NATA Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine—formerly the NATA College-University Athletic Trainers’ Committee—created the 10 for 10 Presentations, a series of PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded, tailored and ready to present in 10 minutes.

“It’s a template that had the latest research on any given area, and you just drop in your own school’s logo, your own protocols and specify it to your own place to easily come up with a presentation to give to your coaches,” said NATA ICSM Region 4 Representative April Hoy, MS, ATC, CSCS. “So athletic trainers don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they want to give an educational presentation.”

The 10 for 10 Presentations cover a range of topics from asthma and concussion to mental health and emergency action planning.

“The people who have used them find them to be extremely helpful,” said Hoy, adding that she has used several of the presentations, such as the one on cardiac arrest, to educate her athletic department. “As athletic trainers, we’re pretty busy, so it was amazing. Within 10 minutes, I dropped in our photos and our protocols and I had a presentation ready for a department meeting. The people I know who have used the presentations have had phenomenal success with them.”

To ensure the most up-to-date information is being provided, the committee reviews the presentation series yearly. Hoy said the committee also adds new topics when needed.

“Each year we look at what we need to update and what topics we want to add,” she said, explaining that a few years ago the committee added a new presentation on suicide awareness and prevention to the series. “We’d definitely love feedback on what people will like to see more of so we can meet that need.”

The 10 for 10 presentations are free to download. Hoy encourages all athletic trainers in the collegiate and high school setting to take advantage of this timesaving resource.

“They’re very applicable not just to the college setting, but to the high school setting and a lot of the traditional settings,” she said. “Check them out and download them. They’re incredibly easy.”