Legislative Grants

The NATA Legislative Grant Program, through its Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC), provides funds to state AT associations. Grants are available on a fiscal year basis (April 1 – March 31).  The program is based on the concept of a state/national share; states are expected to support their own efforts to the greatest extent possible and by involving as many members as possible. To be eligible, the state must work closely with the GAC representative.  Regular reports are required, and elements of the plan must be approved in advance.

Grants are made at the discretion of NATA.  The intention is to support the national legislative agenda through assistance to individual states.  NATA cannot serve as the sole financial support of state efforts but will provide funds as generously as limited resources and competing requests allow.  Early and frequent contact with the NATA Governmental Affairs Committee representative will assure a smooth process.


Application Process

NATA offers two types of grants to state AT associations: discretionary and matching. Discretionary and matching grant funds are made available through an annual budget allocation. States are expected to provide detailed budgets, including funds generated through dues, assessments, fund raising, and/or other means as well as reserve/savings balances. 

Grants are available for proactive or reactive legislative efforts. First priority will be for licensure activities (Tier 1). States identified as in need of an updated practice act are Tier 2. All other activities are Tier 3. Please submit applications through the district GAC representative.

Please note that no association may receive legislative grants unless it is granted 501(c)(6) non-profit status by the IRS.  Documentation of IRS status will be required if NATA has not already received it.


Discretionary/Emergency Grants

Larger grants are available to states sponsoring legislation or facing a threat. Requests will be considered as a whole and prioritized by the GAC. Applications for discretionary grants will be accepted by the District GAC Representative July 1 – July 31.  States will be notified by October 1 if a grant has been awarded. For assistance in completing the application, contact your GAC District representative, the NATA Governmental Affairs Chair or the governmental affairs manager. States requesting discretionary funds are not eligible for matching grants.

Requests for emergency funds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be submitted at any time. Unanticipated legislation for which a defense must be mounted may qualify for emergency funds. 

Matching grants are not offered in addition to discretionary grants, but if your discretionary grant request is denied, matching grant funds may be available. Please indicate on the discretionary application that you wish to apply for a matching grant in the event no discretionary funds are available. Please be sure to make the application for a discretionary grant as comprehensive as possible.

Regular reports to GAC district reps are required. To accomplish routine reporting, add them to e-mail distribution lists. 

Download the grant application below. You must log in to the NATA website in order to view and download the forms.


Matching Grants

States that conduct fundraising specifically for legislative purposes may seek a matching grant. Matching grants are not available to states receiving discretionary grants. For the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the maximum matching grant was $4,000.  Matching grants are made on a scale related to the membership size of the state, as follows:

                Small States (less than 200 members) 2 – 1 Match

                Medium States (201-500 members) 1.66 – 1 Match

                Large States (501-900 members) 1.33 – 1 Match

                Extra Large States (more than 900 members) 1 – 1 Match

Applications will be accepted from August 1-30 and must be submitted to the GAC District Representative. Awards will be announced after discretionary grant funds have been allocated. To be eligible, funds must be donated by members or through events organized and supported by members. A copy of the invitation or other documentation will demonstrate member involvement and the purpose of the fundraising. A list of the donors and amounts donated is required. The purpose of the matching grant is to complement the investment of NATA members in their legislative and regulatory efforts. Grants are dependent on available funds.

Funds must have been raised since March 1. If the state plans to fundraise before March 2017, you may apply for a 2016-17 matching grant. The deadline is March 16, 2017 to provide documentation.

Download the grant application below. You must log in to the NATA website in order to view and download the forms.


Fund Disbursement

Discretionary grants are disbursed based on expenditures. Documentation may be sent electronically or in hard copy to the State Government Affairs manager.  Please allow two weeks for processing. If there are cash flow issues, seed money may be made available.  ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE PROVIDED BY MARCH 16.

Matching grants are awarded in a lump sum after approval. Please allow two weeks for processing. Checks are mailed to the individual and address indicated on the applications. The government affairs manager will notify the district director and GAC representative that the funds have been sent. 


Approved Uses

States may use grant funds for state activities such as lobbyist fees, grassroots organizing, coalition building, informational flyers, state lobby days, legal fees, etc. Grant funds may NOT be used for federal legislative activities such as NATA's Capitol Hill Day, the BOC Regulatory Conference, educational meetings such as iLEAD or campaign contributions. NATA will not provide funds for a consultant or lawyer in addition to a lobbyist.


Grant Applications

You must log in to the NATA website to view and download the grant applications.

Discretionary/Emergency Grant Application


Matching Grant Application


Contact Lathan Watts, NATA Manager of State Government Affairs, for more information.