State Association Grant Application

SAAC State Association Grant Program



The purpose of the State Association Grant Program is to provide financial support in the delivery of strategic initiatives for state associations.  The goal is to support initiatives that can positively impact the association.


Application Process

A total of five (5) grants, up to $5,000 each, are avaialabe through the annual budget allocation.  State associations seeking grants are expected to provide detailed accounting of the strategic initiative(s) or issue(s) to be addressed with the grant funding, including a detailed budget.

Please review your grant applications with your SAAC Division Representatives prior to submission.  Completed applications must be submitted online by the deadlines identified on this page. 

  • Application available:  January 1
  • Application deadline:  April 1
  • Award notification:  July 1
  • Grant report:  Completion of grant


Fund Distribution

Grants are awarded in a lump sum after approval and after submission of required documentation.  Please allow two weeks for processing.  Checks are mailed to the individual and address indicated on the application.



In order to qualify for funds, applicants must meet the following critieria:

  • NATA member in good standing
  • Applicant(s) must have NPI number
  • State association must hold 501(c)(6) designation
  • Complete confict of interest forms for all parties


Approved uses

Grant funds should be used for strategic planning, financial reviews/consultations, leadership training sessions, association management or support of town hall meetings.

Funds are NOT intended for legislative or public relations activities.  State associations seeking funding for the actions should consider applying for a Legislative Grant administered by the NATA Governmental Affairs Committee or a Public Relation Grant administered by the NATA Public Relations Committee. 


Final Documentation Requirements

At the conclusion of the State Association grant initiative, the association is required to provide final documents and summary by January 15 or other approved date to complete the grant process.  All final documents should be submitted electronically.  Inability to submite complete final documentation will result in forfeiture of any funds awareded and/or future eligibility.  The following items are required:

  1. A copy of all receipts
  2. Grant Summary Report
  3. Relevant pictures or links to coverage of the initiative (jpg. hyperlinks, etc.)
  4. Submission of presentation abstract for grant support initiative which will be considered for dissemination at the SAAC State Leadership Forum


Grant Application

Access the online grant application form here.