Heat Illness Handout

July 21, 2015 by Beth Sitzler

As temperatures around the country continue to rise – reaching the triple digits in some areas – it's important to remind parents, coaches and student athletes of the dangers of heat-related illnesses. There are several types of heat illness, but athletes are specifically at risk of exertional heat stroke, which is caused by intense exercise in the heat. To help you keep community members informed, the National Athletic Trainers' Association has created a Hydration and Heat Illness Handout (pdf), which can be reproduced and given to those seeking more information on the subject. The handout, found in the July NATA News pages 22-23, was part of a two-page spread on heat illness and heat acclimatization that also featured a look at how New Jersey became the first state to implement the NATA preseason heat-acclimatization guidelines for secondary school athletics.


Don’t forget to check out our other infographic handouts that have been made available for NATA members to download, reprint and distribute to their local communities.

Posted by Beth Sitzler, NATA News Managing Editor