Infographic Handouts

NATA strives to provide valuable resources for its members. These infographic handouts, originally published in the NATA News, are available below in PDF form for athletic trainers to download and distribute. We encourage ATs to utilize these resources to educate the community on various injuries and illnesses common to sports medicine. Several infographic handouts have been translated into eight different languages and can be found on our International Resources page.


These infographics are copyright of NATA © and may not be altered in any way.

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Disclaimer: NATA publishes its injury infographics and informational videos as a service to promote the awareness of certain medical issues to the public. The information contained in these materials is neither exhaustive nor exclusive to all circumstances or individuals. These materials should not be relied upon as an independent basis for care, but rather as a resource available to athletes, coaches, administrators and others with an interest in learning more about these health issues. As health care progresses, the information included in these materials might become out of date. If you notice any outdated information, contact the NATA Marketing Department using this form.



ACL Injury



Ankle Sprain



Asthma vs. VCD-EILO



Bullying and Hazing



Cheerleading Safety






Cultural Competence



Dental Injury



Environmental Cold Injuries



Face and Head Protection



Football Helmet Fitting



Hamstring Injuries



Heat Illness



How to Be an Ally



Injury Nutrition



Lightning Safety



Mental Health



Mental Health Card



Nutrition Clock



Overuse Injuries



Patellofemoral Pain



Shin Splints and Stress Fractures



Sickle Cell Trait



Skin Diseases



Skin Injuries









Sudden Cardiac Arrest



Sudden Cardiac Arrest Checklist



Sun Safety



Tommy John



Volleyball Safety



Weight Management