Have You Voted Yet? Get Your Badge!

September 18, 2014 by JordanG

We're almost three weeks into the NATA presidential election, and our latest numbers show that only 12 percent of our membership has voted so far. If you're one of those 12 percent, we encourage you to display our "I voted" badge on social media to encourage your fellow athletic trainers to follow suit. Just right click the badge below and save it to your own computer so you can post it or share it anywhere you see fit. 

Voting Protocol:

Check your email for a message from elections@vote-now.com containing your secure registration code and instructions for voting online or using a phone ballot. (If your member profile does not include an email address, you will receive a postcard this week.) If you prefer to vote using a paper ballot, the email or postcard will provide a phone number to request one.

Click here to go directly to the ballot. (You will still need to enter your registration code.)

Candidate Info

Want more information about each candidate? Watch our Q&A webinar, see their full employment and volunteer history in the August/September NATA News, and hear their campaign speeches at NATA 2014 in this previous blog post

Voting closes Sept. 30. Act now to make your voice heard!

Posted by NATA News Editor-in-Chief Jordan Grantham (jordang@nata.org)