140 Members Celebrate 50 Years With NATA

November 21, 2023 by Kristin Carroll

The December NATA News highlights the 140 members who celebrated 50 years of membership with NATA in 2023. Congratulations to these members, listed below, as well as all of our members who are celebrating milestones with the association this year!

Thomas Abdenour, DHSc, ATC, CES

Karen Atkins, AT Ret.

Thomas Baker, AT Ret.

Tod Baldwin, AT Ret.

Tobias Barboza, AT Ret.

Michael Barnish, AT Ret.

Greg Bauer, AT Ret.

William Biddington, AT Ret.

Lynn Bott, AT Ret.

Kathleen Boyd, MS, LAT, ATC

Marty Bradley, AT Ret.

Daniel Brady, AT Ret.

Gary Briggs, AT Ret.

Dennis Brogna, AT Ret.

William Buckley, PhD, LAT, ATC

C. Burton, MS, LAT, ATC

Roberta Butler, AT Ret.

Rodney Cardinal, AT Ret.

Mickey Clarizio, ATC

Gwen Cleaves, MA, LAT, ATC

Debra Coglianese, AT Ret.

Jeffrey Cooper, AT Ret.

Thomas Cooper, AT Ret.

Kathie Courtney, AT Ret.

Lexandra Creitz, AT Ret.

John Crowe, AT Ret.

Scot Dapp, AT Ret.

Steven Delong, AT Ret.

Nancy Diehl, AT Ret.

Jeffrey Dooley, AT Ret.

Mark Doughtie, AT Ret.

Joanne Dunnock, AT Ret.

Mark Dusing, AT Ret.

George Eckert, AT Ret.

Greg Evans, AT Ret.

Debra Evenson, AT Ret.

Thomas Fagan, MS, PT, ATC

Robert Ferguson, MEd, LAT, ATC

Russell Fiore, MEd, LAT, ATC

Thomas Ford, AT Ret.

Tim Garl, MA, MPA, LAT

Muriel Gilman, AT Ret.

Robert Grams, AT Ret.

David Griffin, AT Ret.

David Grossman, AT Ret.

Catherine Grove, AT Ret.

Mark Hicks, AT Ret.

Cheryl Hitchings, AT Ret.

Craig Holz, MS, LAT, ATC

Stephen Hornor, MA, LAT, ATC

Peggy Houglum, AT Ret.

Joseph Iezzi, MS, LAT, ATC,

Christopher Ipson, MA, LAT, ATC

Bill Jennings, MA, ATC

Bruce Johnson, AT Ret.

Sam Kegerreis, AT Ret.

Wiley Kendle, AT Ret.

Donald Kessler, ATC

Chuck Kimmel, AT Ret.

Robert Klingler, AT Ret.

John Knarr, AT Ret.

David Knoeppel, LAT, ATC, PT

William Knott, AT Ret.

William Kuehl, MS, ATC

Glenn LaFrance, AT Ret.

Douglas Landuyt, AT Ret.

Kathleen Laquale, AT Ret.

Del Lark, LAT, ATC

Paul Lasinski, AT Ret.

Rebecca Layfield, MEd, LAT, ATC

David Leigh, MS, LAT, ATC

Mark Letendre, ATC

John Levitt, AT Ret.

Jerry Lewis, MS, ATC, EMT

Lynn Lindaman, AT Ret.

Maryann Lohmeyer, AT Ret.

Terry Malone, AT Ret.

Salvatore Manente, AT Ret.

Donald Mattern, AT Ret.

Larry Mayol, ATC

Jerry McKune, AT Ret.

Garry Miller, MA, LAT, ATC

Jack Moore, AT Ret.

Mark Morrissey, AT Ret.

Steven Morrow, MAT, ATC

Christopher Mumaw, AT Ret.

Dennis Murphy, AT Ret.

Donald Nielsen, AT Ret.

James Offenbaker, AT Ret.

Luis Ortiz, MEd, ATC

Greg Ottr, AT Ret.

Henry Otto, AT Ret.

David Paris, AT Ret.

Joseph Pawlik, ATC

William Pearce, LAT, ATC

Thomas Peterson, AT Ret.

Richard Pierce, AT Ret.

Phillip Pifer, AT Ret.

Michael Pomerleau, AT Ret.

Jo-Anne Potter, AT Ret.

James Reilly, AT Ret.

James Richards, AT Ret.

Gerald Rishel, AT Ret.

William Roberts, ATC, PTA

Clifford Rode, AT Ret.

Michael Sabatelle, AT Ret.

Michael Sandago,SCAT, ATC

Larry Sayles, AT Ret.

Roger Schipper, AT Ret.

Janet Schmid, AT Ret.

Byron Schulken, LAT, ATC

Harry Schulz, AT Ret.

Gerard Scibilia, MS, DPT, ATC

Lawrence Scire, MS, ATC

Rex Sharp, MS, LAT, ATC

Brian Siddall, AT Ret.

Nancy Sigman, AT Ret.

Michael Sitler, AT Ret.

Jeffrey Stone, MEd, LAT, ATC

Dave Strickfaden, AT Ret.

Gary Strickland, AT Ret.

James Strickland, AT Ret.

Sharon Summers, AT Ret.

William Tibbetts, AT Ret.

Midge Tong, AT Ret.

Melody Toth, AT Ret.

Patricia Troesch, AT Ret.

Daniel Unger, AT Ret.

Robert Valouche, AT Ret.

Leonard Weber, AT Ret.

Barry Weinberg, MS, ATC

Terry Whieldon, AT Ret.

Scott White, MS, LAT, ATC

Michael Wilkinson, MS, ATC

Tom Wilkinson, AT Ret.

Sarah Wolfskill, AT Ret.

Ron Wollenhaupt,MA, LAT, ATC

Kenneth Wright, AT Ret.

Stanley Zieja, AT Ret.


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