2022 Quiz Bowl Teams

June 13, 2022 by Todd Christman

The NATA Quiz Bowl returns this year as an in-person event, now with 11 teams competing after the inclusion of the team from District Eleven. You can see the students who will be competing for each district below. Scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on June 30 at the convention, the Quiz Bowl is now in its thirteenth year. More than bragging rights will be on the line as the winning team receives $1,000 toward the school’s athletic training program or club. The second and third place teams will receive $500 and $250 respectively. In addition to these awards, each Quiz Bowl participant (not including alternates) receives complimentary registration to the convention. The event will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 113ABC. Be sure to show up to support your team!

Here are the teams competing this year:

District 1
Stephanie Toubman, Castleton University
Meg Lander, University of Maine

District 2
Megan McQueen, Duquesne University
Adam Yuan, King's College
Miranda Zito, University of Pittsburgh

District 3
Towson University
Kaitlyn Stokes
Kendall Stull
Stephanie Vigezzi

District 4
University of Indianapolis
James Neff
Alyssa Tappy
Matt Young

District 5
Drake University
Bridget Davidson
Kayla Strodtman
Kayley Weiland

District 6
University of Texas Austin
Maegan Milliet
Hailey Northcutt
Ben Wade

District 7
New Mexico State University
Bianca Alonso
Steven Castillo
Mia Palomares

District 8
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kiana Markham
Kiana Ratanakul
Oscar Ruiz Rios

District 9
University of Miami
Sherina Idnani
Steven Lawson
Nyesha Patillo

District 10
Boise State University
Haley Cruz
Kelsey Downing
Owen Mainord

District 11
Illinois State University
Kameron Dickerson
Erika Kietzman
Brandon MacTrinder