New Job Description Templates Available

October 24, 2018 by Beth Sitzler

Having a proper job description document for every position on the athletic training team is critical. From job proposals and new hire recruitment to job training and performance evaluations, everything stems from the job description document. Whether proposing a new athletic training position, in the market to hire an athletic trainer or evaluating a current job description, NATA’s newly updated job description templates will serve as a resource to use and customize to fit one’s specific job description needs.


Hiring an Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers work in many different settings and impact a wide variety of patients. Athletic trainers help prevent injuries, reduce liability and improve productivity. Whether one is an employer at a school, clinic, industrial or any other setting, if they’re looking to hire an athletic trainer, the sample job descriptions can be customized to fit the organization's needs. The job description templates include common base requirements for a variety of settings and can provide employers with a framework for creating a job posting that meets their specific criteria. Each template includes a typical position’s scope of duties, physical requirements, prerequisite experience and competencies.


Evaluating a Current Job Description

Job description templates should be living documents that are kept up to date. The job duties, responsibilities and expectations should be clearly stated. The job description is often used in conjunction with performance goals and evaluations, and therefore should accurately reflect one’s current role at all times. Job descriptions should be evaluated and updated every year.

With the results of the NATA Salary Survey being released in the coming months, now makes for a perfect time for athletic trainers to evaluate both their current salary and job description. The information collected from the salary survey will provide athletic trainers with valuable information to help advance their careers and evaluate their current salaries. The job description templates will serve as a great resource for athletic trainers who want to accurately document their current duties and responsibilities.

NATA wants to provide a comprehensive and up to date list of job description templates for members and employers to use. See a setting or athletic training position that is missing? Email Kathryn LaLonde, MS, ATC, at