Legislative Update

September 16, 2015 by JordanG

Our Government Affairs team has been working hard to help these three pieces of legislation gain traction. Here are the latest updates on each bill:

H.R. 921: The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act

  • H.R. 921 clarifies medical liability rules for athletic trainers and medical professionals to ensure they are properly covered by their malpractice insurance while traveling with athletic teams in another state.
  • Currently has 82 co-sponsors
  • The Senate version, S. 689, has 7 co-sponsors.

H.R. 829: The SAFE PLAY Act


  • The SAFE PLAY Act recommends a multidisciplinary approach to research and federal support to ensure student athletes’ safety in schools. This legislation specifically helps school districts develop and implement concussion safety and management teams and plans and encourages increased surveillance efforts for life-threatening cardiac conditions in children.
  • Currently has 38 co-sponsors
  • The Senate version, S. 436, has one co-sponsor.

H.Res. 112: The Secondary School Student Athletes’ Bill of Rights


  • The Secondary School Student Athletes’ Bill of Rights establishes 10 best practices for making secondary school athletics safer.
  • Currently has 21 co-sponsors
  • The Senate version, S. Res. 83, has one co-sponsor.

Learn more about these bills and how you can support them on the Federal Government Affairs page.

Posted by NATA Communications Manager Jordan Grantham (jordang@nata.org).