ATs in the News

May 15, 2015 by Todd Christman

Recently, we have come across several stories that have highlighted the lives and accomplishments of ATs. Since you might not have seen them already, we wanted to collect them here so you might have a chance to read them too. We often post articles we come across on our Twitter feed, in addition to important news and updates from NATA. So if you want to see articles like these that focus on individual ATs or that pertain to the profession as a whole, give us a follow at 

Erika Irwin saved the life of a high school baseball player with an AED.

Profile of Staten Island Academy's Jaime Kantor 

John Mellody diagnosed NY Jets safety Rontez Miles with compartment syndrome and saved him from having his leg amputated.

Retired Yankees AT Gene Monahan is now working as a consultant for NASCAR's Hendrick Motor Sports.

Pam Rast humbled by SWATA hall of fame induction. 

James Tapia makes a difference for Wilson Central High School.