Project Proposal or Issue Report

When drafting a Project Proposal or Issue Report, one should keep in mind the following elements for inclusion:

Project Proposal

The project proposal should include the following elements, unless, for some reason, they do not apply.

  • Project overview (description, purpose, goals, relation to strategic plan)
  • Stakeholders (who would be affected by the project)
  • Deliverables or outcomes (expected results)
  • Impact (anticipated reach of project to internal and external audiences)
  • Resources (funds, staff and volunteer manpower necessary to complete project, etc.)
  • Timelines
  • How the project's success will be measured
  • Action requested


Issues Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Statement of issue/problem
  • How issue relates to strategic plan
  • Background
  • Possible courses of action and pros/cons of each
  • Long-term implications for the profession
  • Other relevant information
  • Recommendation
  • Action requested