Evidence Based Practice

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Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training Web Courses

The NATA Executive Committee for Education is proud to present the Evidence-based Practice in Athletic Training web-based course.  This course was developed by a team of individuals with content knowledge in evidence-based practice, supported by the Old Dominion University Research Foundation, and funded through the NATA.  The purpose of these online modules is to provide athletic trainers with a structured resource that discusses various essential concepts and components associated with the evidence-based practice process.  

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training Level 1, Part 1- 2 EBP CEUs
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training Level 1, Part 2- 1.5 EBP CEUs
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training, Level 2 – 3 EBP CEUs


Additional EBP Category CEU Courses

  • Aligning the Interests of Clinicians, Educators & Researchers to Promote Evidence-Based Practice – 1.75 EBP CEUs
  • Nuts & Bolts: A Practical Guide to Collecting Patient Outcomes – 1.75 EBP CEUs
  • Developing and Utilizing Clinical Outcomes Databases in Clinical Practice – 1.25 EBP CEUs
  • Foundational Concepts of Clinical Outcomes Assessment and Strategies for Implementation – 1.5 EBP CEUs
  • Respiratory Influences on Core Stability – 1.0 EBP CEU
  • Evidence based use of Lumbar Spine Mobilization Techniques – 1.0 EBP CEU


Of the 50 CEUs to be reported to the BOC by December, 2015, 10 must come from the EBP Category.


Evidence Based Education Resources





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