NATA Exam Study Guide

Through two mock exams, the Study Guide for the BOC Exam can help identify your strong and weak knowledge areas so you can better prepare for your certification test. These mock exams will expose you to both the content matter and the “feel” of the BOC exam, increasing your chances of success! 


The Study Guide for the BOC Exam will:

  • Help a candidate understand how to use the BOC Practice Analysis in exam preparation;
  • Evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of topics within each of the domains;
  • Increase a candidate’s understanding of tasks within the BOC Practice Analysis;
  • Provide a detailed report of the candidate’s performance on the mock exams to identify areas of weakness that require further study.

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Why use the study guide for the BOC Exam?

We know you have options when it comes to preparing for the BOC exam. Look no further, as the Study Guide for the BOC Exam provides benefits you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Two 125-question mock exams which use traditional and multi-correct type multiple choice questions. In order to help determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to the BOC’s 8th Practice Analysis (Domains and Tasks), both positive and negatively-stated questions are used
  • Individualized report for each of the two mock exams 
  • Combined report that highlights your strengths and weaknesses from both mock exams

Discount for NATA Members!

Study Guide – Member Price: $29 per exam
Study Guide for the BOC Exam material MAY NOT be copied or reproduced without permission from NATA and ACES.



What happens if I accidentally close my browser during an exam?

Simply log back in to the Study Guide, and the question you were working on will appear.


How much time do I have for each exam?

So that you will have an opportunity to view comprehensive feedback, you’ll have unlimited time to take your exams. Note: The actual BOC exam is limited to 4 hours.


Is it okay for me to copy or reproduce the material found within the Study Guide?

No. Material from the Study Guide CANNOT be copied or reproduced without written permission from both NATA and ACES.


Who do I contact with questions or comments about the Study Guide?

Call 214-637-6282 and ask for the Knowledge Initiatives Department or e-mail us at


Who do I contact with questions about the ACES Preparatory Workshop?

Please visit this website: