NATA Presidential Election


The NATA presidential election results are in, and Kathy Dieringer, EdD, LAT, ATC, has been named NATA’s new president-elect. Congratulations to Dieringer, who will take office as NATA’s 15th president during the 72nd NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in June 2021 in Orlando and serve a three-year term.

Our sincere thanks to Katie Walsh Flanagan, EdD, LAT, ATC, for her willingness to serve the association. Learn more about the 2020 NATA presidential election in our FAQ below as well as in the October NATA News, which will feature an interview with the new president-elect. If you have any questions about this year’s election or suggestions for the next election cycle, email  


NATA Presidential Election FAQ

Who was in charge of the 2020 Presidential election process?

The election process was a joint collaborative effort between the NATA Presidential Election Procedures Workgroup, NATA Presidential Nominating Committee, NATA Executive Department and NATA office.

Prior to the official start of this year’s election, the NATA Presidential Election Procedures Workgroup was formed with the intent to improve the procedures around the NATA presidential election. The workgroup, which is composed of current and former NATA district directors, examined the entire election process – from the application review process and deadlines to announcements and campaigning – to see what was working and what could be improved to enhance member engagement while maintaining fairness and consistency across the board. The workgroup focused on how to best empower members to use their voice to shape the direction of NATA and the athletic training profession.


What percentage of membership voted and how does that compare to the previous election?

This year, 24.9 percent of eligible members voted. During our last election cycle in 2017, 21.9 percent of eligible members voted. More information about voter turnout will be included in the October NATA News along with a feature about the new president-elect.  


What did the NATA Presidential Election Procedures Workgroup do to ensure fairness and consistency during this year’s election?

The NATA Presidential Election Procedures Workgroup was involved in every step of the election to ensure fairness and consistency. After the candidates were selected in January, the workgroup met regularly to discuss next steps and any concerns encountered. 

While more was done this election to showcase the candidates and their platforms to the NATA membership, fairness and consistency remained at the forefront. Whether featured in NATA News or interviewed by NATA Chats, each candidate was give the exact same space, time and opportunity to answer the questions posed to them.


How was this election process different from years past and why?

This election was different from other elections right from the start. In addition to the creation of the NATA Presidential Election Procedures Workgroup, which was formed to ensure election fairness and consistency, the entire election cycle timeline was moved from June through September to January through July. By announcing the candidates in January and moving voting to July, we had a real election “season” this spring with both candidates. Whether it was through NATA News or NATA Chats, members had ample opportunity to get to know the candidates and their platforms in their own words.

Given the complexity of COVID-19, which eliminated the opportunity for face-to-face engagement, the goal was to give members a host of opportunities to engage and ask questions virtually to make an informed decision and use their voice to influence the future of the athletic training profession and NATA.


If I have any other questions or ideas for future elections, who do I contact?

NATA has created an email address for election-related questions and suggestions. Please email