Impact Advocacy Award Application


The future of successful athletic training regulation depends on the engagement of athletic trainers in state and local governmental affairs. It is especially important to foster awareness and activity in athletic trainers new to the profession to encourage a legacy of participation in the profession. The Impact Advocacy Award recognizes an athletic trainer’s early, passionate, and consistent involvement in governmental affairs at the state and local level in the first decade of their career.

  • Motivating others to increase political involvement.
  • Leading by example, showing that one person can make a difference through consistent involvement in governmental affairs activities.
  • Demonstrating strategic thinking in organizing or helping to organize a legislative or grassroots campaign.
  • Initiating coalitions to maximize advocacy efforts.
  • Individually and personally raising the visibility and influence of the profession.



  • Nominations must be made by the state GAC committee chair (or equivalent) of the state of residence of the nominee.
  • Nominee must be NATA Member in good standing.
  • Nominee must have a current NPI.
  • Nominee must be certified in good standing at time of activity and nomination.
  • Nominee must be considered in good standing per applicable state regulations.
  • Nominee must be a certified athletic trainer for fewer than 10 years at time of nomination.


Nomination process:

An NATA member who is also a state association GAC chair or equivalent nominates a worthy candidate and compiles the necessary documents:

  • Nomination form (below)
  •  2 letters of recommendation (including one from the nominator), attached to e-mail with other nomination materials.


Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Supporting Documents