Health Topics: Cannabis Use

Cannabis-Related Resources for the Athletic Trainer

The world of cannabinoids is changing fast, with shifts in state laws, professional guidelines and new medical uses. In order to equip athletic trainers with tools to deliver top-tier health care, NATA is committed to supporting its members through the establishment of a dedicated task force. This task force has been instrumental in developing comprehensive resources designed to empower athletic trainers in navigating this rapidly evolving topic.


Cannabinoid and Cannabis Use Resources*

The NATA Cannabinoid Task Force has curated a series of members-only resources for athletic trainers.

Cannabis Resources



About the NATA Cannabinoid Task Force

Corey Tremble, LAT, ATC, led the examination and modification of the resources to guarantee the currency and relevance of all content. The second task force was assigned with the responsibility of keeping all Cannabinoid and Cannabis Use Resources current to meet the demand for information from athletic trainers and accommodate the increasing use of cannabis-related products among diverse patient populations, considering the swiftly changing regulations. Thank you to the task force for its comprehensive review and updates of the resources.


2023-2024 Task Force Members:

  • Corey Tremble, LAT, ATC, CSCS

  • Paul Borsa, PhD, ATC, FACSM

  • Ron Courson, ATC, PT, NRAEMT

  • Kayla Cullerton, MEd, LAT, ATC

  • Peter Gray, MA, ATC, LAT

  • Kevin Morley, DAT, ATC, LAT

  • Tiffany Morton, MS, ATC, LAT

  • Joelle Rehberg, DO

  • Ramonica Scott, PhD, LAT, ATC

  • Donna Wesley, MS, LAT, ATC 


Task Force Goals:

  1. Ensure all resources contain the most up to date information aligned with current research
  2. Develop a series of infographics that athletic trainers can use to deepen their understanding of cannabis and share with the patient population




The curated content on this page is provided solely for educational purposes and is intended solely for athletic trainers as an initial source of information.  Neither the National Athletic Trainers’ Association nor any of its affiliates recommend or endorse treatment with or possession of any of the products discussed in these materials (“the Products”).  Certain state and local jurisdictions prohibit the possession of or treatment with the Products, and it is the responsibility of the athletic trainer to know the laws and practice restrictions of his or her state and locality.  Even where not prohibited by the state or locality, certain of the Products, including medical marijuana, are illegal under federal law, though in recent years these federal laws have not been consistently enforced.  Finally, please note that individual athletic organizations may ban the use of the Products and such use may disqualify the athlete from competing in his or her sport(s).

*Materials compiled: August 2021 – February 2024. Reviewed and updated: November 2023. Posted: February 2024. Efforts have been made to provide resources that are both accurate and reflective of the information available at the time of creation. Task force members will continue to make every effort to keep this information current and accurate.