Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form


Committee on Professional Ethics

Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form


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Contact information of individual filing complaint:


By submitting this Ethics Complaint, I charge the Respondent identified herein with a violation(s) of the NATA Code of Ethics and/or Membership Standards and Sanctions. I understand that I am required to keep the information that has been and will be submitted concerning this ethics proceeding confidential, as set forth in the Ethics Process and subject to all applicable exceptions. I also understand that the Respondent may receive a complete, non-redacted copy of this document, as well as other information that is submitted with regard to the ethics proceeding. I acknowledge and agree that the NATA may contact individuals who may be witnesses. I allow the NATA to provide a copy of this Ethics Complaint to the NATA staff and others as reasonably necessary for the conduct of an investigation. Further, I understand that some or all of the information submitted with regard to the ethics proceeding may be disclosed (in either redacted or non-redacted form) to the NATA’s members and others following a final determination.

I further certify that the factual allegations made in this Ethics Complaint are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that these ethics charges are made in good faith.