NATA Committee on Professional Ethics

COPE Purpose and Duties

The NATA Committee on Professional Ethics is responsible for adjudicating ethics complaints, thereby ensuring members are held accountable when they violate the NATA Code of Ethics and NATA Membership Standards. This committee is comprised of members with interests or backgrounds in ethics.


The Committee on Professional Ethics is responsible for:

  • Educating the membership as to the NATA Code of Ethics (“Code”) and Membership Standards (“Standards”) and the process for adjudicating complaints against members;
  • Periodically reviewing and recommending changes in the Code and Standards, as well as the Policies and Procedures for Processing Complaints of Ethical Violations;
  • Addressing complaints of alleged violations of the Code and Standards;
  • Responding to requests for interpretations of the Code and Standards; and,
  • Ensuring that the Code and Standards, as well as the complaint process, are not in conflict with any federal or state laws, rules and regulations, or any policies of the NATA.
  • Reviewing applications for membership reinstatement.
  • Reviewing membership applications with Self-Report Felonies.



Ethics Complaint 

Anyone having information regarding allegations of ethical violations, and wishing to supply such information to NATA, shall supply this information, with as much specificity and documentation as possible, by completing the NATA Ethics Complaint Reporting Form. All ethics complaints are taken seriously and follow the detailed process outlined below that provides confidentiality and due process to all parties.


NATA Ethics Complaint Reporting Form   NATA Ethics Complaint Process



COPE Disciplinary Actions Database

If the NATA Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) has taken disciplinary action against an individual, the public documents related to the action are available and posted on the COPE Disciplinary Action website. The Disciplinary Action database contains final NATA disciplinary actions that have been deemed public.


COPE Disciplinary Actions Database  






Committee Roster

Committee Chair
Suzanne Konz, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Marshall University
2019 (2023)

Incoming Committee Chair
Paul Rupp, MS, LAT, ATC
Oakton High School
2023 (2027)

District 1 Representative
Robert Huggins, PhD, LAT, ATC
2019 (2023)

District 2 Representative
Frederick Zappala, ATC
2022 (2026)

District 4 Representative
Amber Melick, MS, LAT, ATC
2020 (2024)

District 6 Representative
Cameron Hieb, MEd, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 8 Representative
Matthew Quijano, MA, ATC
2020 (2024)

District 10 Representative
Ciara Ashworth, LAT, ATC
2022 (2026)

At Large
Tim Kelly, MS, ATC

At Large
Kimberly S. Peer, EdD, ATC, FNATA

At Large
Mike Hopper, MS, LAT, ATC

At Large
James (Todd) Hamburg, MS, LAT, ATC

At Large
Victoria (Vicki) Ketchum, LAT, PTA, ATC

Staff Liaison
Stephanie Littlefield


District 3 Representative
Paul Rupp, MS, LAT, ATC
2019 (2023)

District 5 Representative
John Roslien, MS, LAT, ATC
2020 (2024)

District 7 Representative

Dominic Di Manna, MEd, MS, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 9 Representative
R.T. Floyd, PhD, ATC, CSCS
2022 (2026)

At Large
Jamie Musler, LAT, ATC

At Large
William (Zach) Garrett, DHSc, MHA, ATC

At Large
Lana Loken, EdD, ATC

At Large
Christine M. Odell, PhD, LAT, ATC

At Large
Tyler Hamilton, MS, LAT, ATC

BOD Liaison
Diane Sartanowicz, MS, LAT, ATC