Preferred Providers

NATA Preferred Providers

Whether providing you a discount or backing the AT profession - or both - our goal is to provide value to you in your personal and professional life. While NATA does not endorse these products and services, we realize they may be of value to you, and the NATA Member Services team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have regarding our Preferred Providers.



academy for sports dentistry nata preferred provider


The Academy for Sports Dentistry provides you with certified dentists that are trained in treating the various oral, facial and dental injuries encountered in sports.



nata marketplace preferred provider



The Athletic Training Marketplaceis a searchable, sortable online directory that lets you find specific suppliers for your every need. Contact information, website addresses, product/service offering- all will be at your fingertips.




sports health magazine nata preferred provider


Sports Health Magazine offers comprehensive and practical information for athletic trainers. NATA members can subscribe for a discounted rate of $35 per year (a savings of $98) for six issues with access to three addtional CEUs that come with the magazine. Learn more about the special online quizzes based on articles published in Sports Health.


logo boc


Through Board of Certification - each year, NATA provides you a significant discount on your yearly CEU certification fee.


libertymutual nata preferred provider


Liberty Mutual provides you with discounts on auto/home/renter's insurance.



mercer nata preferred provider


Mercer provides you with discounts on disability/health/life/professional liability insurance and more.



natagear nata preferred provider


NATA is proud to offer the latest in branded logo-wear with NATAGEAR, the official store of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.



sports safety international nata preferred provider


Through Sport Safety International, earn up to 20 CEUs and ensure you're up to date on the current practice recommendations and standard of care with the "Sports Safety Risk Management Series". This five online course series is based on NATA's Position and Consensus statements and provided by Sports Safety International.



pirvit nata preferred provider

For Companies

  • Focusing on the health and safety of athletes, PrivIT transformed the paper Pre-Participation Evaluation (PPE) process. PrivIT developed a comprehensive and interactive personal health history questionnaire that helps standardize the PPE process in a secure online environment, called electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation (e-PPE). e-PPE helps identify health risk symptoms for an individual participating in sports and it is HIPPA compliant and uses military grade encryption to keep your athlete's data safe and secure.Begin transforming your PPE process and learn more.

For Individuals

  • PrivIT is offering NATA members the ability to track personal health history with the electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation system (e-PPE) at no cost. PrivIT is the leader in transforming the paper based Pre-Participation Evaluation process into a simple yet comprehensive, online, interactive and secure personal health questionnaire. Experience firsthand the value e-PPE can provide by identifying and assessing health risk symptoms prior to participation, and how e-PPE can help you protect the health and safety of your athletes. Register here to start tracking your personal health history profile free of charge.



impact nata preferred provider


Through your membership, you earn a 15% discount ImPACT's Trained Athletic Trainer (ITAT) program! Become the go-to resource in your community for ImPACT test administration and concussion education and awareness. The ITAT program enables you to be recognized as a leader serving as an ImPACT administrator to athletes, schools, youth club organizations, sports teams and doctors in your community who are in need of this resource. To obtain your 15% for ITAT Video On-Demand courses use promo code NATA14015