Connection and Engagement Committee

Connection and Engagement Charge

The charge given to the Connection and Engagement Committee by the NATA BOD is to be membership ambassadors by engaging and linking ATs with the resources, information, and support available from the national office. Additionally, they will facilitate information flow and feedback across the state, district, and national levels. 


Committee Roster

Committee Chair
Dani Moffit, PhD, LAT, ATC
Idaho State University
2021 (2025)

District 1 Representative
Kelsey Rynkiewicz, MS, LAT, ATC, NREMT
2021 (2025)

District 3 Representative
Jenni Johnson, MS, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 5 Representative
Brooke Hughes, ATC
2022 (2027)

District 7 Representative
Lisa Walker, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 9 Representative
Megan Roach, MA, LAT, ATC
2022 (2026)

BOD Liaison
Cindy Clivio, MEd, ATC

District 2 Representative
Andrea DiTrani Lobacz, PhD, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 4 Representative
Andrea Cripps, PhD, ATC
2022 (2026)

District 6 Representative
Chris Smith, MSAT, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 8 Representative
Kyle Wilson, MEd, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 10 Representative
Erin Guidarelli, MS, LAT, ATC
2021 (2025)

District 11 Representative

Staff Liaisons
Beth Sitzler