College/University Value Model & Billing

College/University Value Model

The College/University Value Model is a product of the Committee on Revenue and the Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine (in particular, the College Value Model Workgroup). The purpose of the College/University Value Model is to:

  • Provide a resource for college/university athletic trainers to quantify their worth
  • Provide unique global revenue strategies for the college/university athletic trainer
  • Serve as a presentation template for the college/university athletic trainer to appeal to non-member administrators
  • Also found on this page are resources related to billing in the college setting such as state practice acts to abide by for away games and best practices for record keeping.

College/University Value Model (pdf)


You are WORTH It! Presentation

This presentation, brought to you by ICSM and FWATA representatives covers components of the University Value Model, AMCIA document, BOC Facility Standards document and the ICSM "10 for 10" presentations that can help you quantify your organizational value.

 You are WORTH it! (pdf)


State Practice Acts

We are in the process of gathering information about state by state permissions and limitations for an athletic trainer traveling to an out of state game.