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NATA Member - Rich Ray

My NATA membership is my ticket to relationships with people who share my vocation for helping others reach their potential. Without the NATA I'd be doing my work in a vacuum. My fellow NATA members help me accomplish things I couldn't accomplish by myself."

R. Richard Ray Jr., EdD, ATC
Dean for the Social Sciences
Hope College
Holland, Michigan

NATA Member - Michael Goldenberg

“I am proud to be a member of the only national organization that looks out for our professional interests. Without the support of the NATA, our profession, at all levels and settings, would not be what it is today. If I have a professional need, ranging from looking for a job to position statements to the latest research, the first place I look is the NATA Members Only section. The NATA and all its resources have helped enhance the health care I provide to my athletes”.

Michael Goldenberg MS, ATC
Associate Director of Athletics/Athletic Trainer
The Lawrenceville School
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Mark Letendre on Member Benefits

Being a member of the NATA is beneficial because I can manage my professional career by attaining cost effective continuing education credits, share best practices guidelines with colleagues and allow the advancement of our profession through dedicated staff and leadership.

Mark A. Letendre, ATC
Director of Umpire Medical Services
Major League Baseball

Mike Carroll on Member Benefits

“NATA membership is valuable because the leadership of the organization has my best interests at heart and constantly works to improve my profession”.

Mike Carroll, M Ed, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer/Assistant Athletic Director
Stephenville High School
Stephenville, Texas

Kimberly R. Detwiler on Member Benefits

"NATA is the organization that holds this profession together. Because of NATA we are organized and are in a position to advance this profession. Additionally, membership benefits like the Career Center, discounts on conferences, a one-stop-shop for CEUs, and being able to stay up on what’s happening in athletic training today make NATA invaluable for me as a medical professional."

Kimberly R. Detwiler, MS, ATC, CSCS
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
University of La Verne
La Verne, California

Kimberly R. Detwiler on Member Benefits

“NATA membership is a value to me through the communication of professionally relevant information and accessibility to professional development resources.”

Lorna Strong, MS, ATC, LAT
Department Head, Instructor, ATEP Program Director
West Texas A&M University
Amarillo, Texas

Jay Sedory on Member Benefits

“NATA Membership provides me networking contacts, the latest news in a variety of media options and multiple resources for professional development and continuing education in the field. One day NATA membership will be a necessity, not an option. Beyond these opportunities, membership provides advocates and represents ATs nationally on the important issues today and in the future.”

Jay Sedory, MEd, ATC, EMT-T
United States Marine Corps.
Washington, D.C.

Schultz on Member Benefits

“Being a member of the NATA keeps me connected with my profession and gives me an ear and a voice. An ear, because the NATA educational offerings keeps us up to date on the most current science and education that affects our practice, as well as to inform us of the challenges we are facing and how we can stay proactive as a larger body. A voice, because there are so many opportunities to get engaged and network with other professionals through annual meetings, committee work, and other volunteerism. That has been the richest part of my experience with NATA. It is great to be a part of such an active organization that remains fully committed to our growth, both as individuals and as a profession”

Sandra J Shultz PhD, ATC, CSCS Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Department of Kinesiology

Gieck on Member Benefits

“The NATA is the reason we have the profession of athletic training. Without their organization, support, structure and many hard volunteer hours we would not be professionals. Support the NATA so we may continue our march forward as health care professionals.”

Joe H. Gieck, EdD, AT Ret, PT
NATA Hall of Fame Member
Former Head Athletic Trainer
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Viriginia

Garnet on Member Benefits

“With the NATA, getting involved is easy with the numerous committees and research opportunities. Membership has allowed me to do something I enjoy, working with the Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee. Helping to provide mentorship and promote ethnic diversity in this profession is something I have a passion for.”

Keith Garnett, MS, ATC, PES
NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee
Charlottesville, Viriginia

Boyd on Member Benefits

“As a member of the NATA, I am a part of a huge network that works in various ways to support the profession of athletic training and the patients that we treat. The access to experts in the Think Tanks and Journal of athletic training, detailed salary data and the career center, and the latest news in the profession makes my job much easier and helps me be a more effective athletic trainer.”

Michelle Boyd, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Truman State University

Wood on Member Benefits

“My affiliation with the NATA as a member and in volunteer leadership positions has given me experiences and opportunities that are priceless. I have developed relationships with colleagues I would have never met and traveled places I would have never gone to if not for the NATA. I have grown professionally as an Athletic Trainer and personally as an individual during my years in this organization and have many friends and memories that can never be replaced! I’m thankful for what the NATA has given me and I’m happy to give back!”

Cari Wood
NWATA-D10 Secretary

Wood on Member Benefits

“NATA membership gives me a voice, in the profession, on topics that affect my job every day.”

Tanya Dargusch ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
Washington Township High School
Sewell, New Jersey

Wood on Member Benefits

“Membership in the NATA provides the resources and support necessary to be a recognized and respected professional.”

Elvis Brandon, MESS, ATC, PTA
Division Dean
Allied Health
Volunteer State Community College

Holliday on Member Benefits

“Being a member of the NATA has proven invaluable to me over the years. Since my initial certification as an athletic trainer in 1995, I have been able to rely on my NATA colleagues, website and magazine for networking, career information, current trends in our field, educational materials, etc… Specifically, the career center on the NATA website has been a tool which I’ve utilized even recently after losing my job last year. While there are other sites out there that provide career information for job seekers, the NATA site remains the gold-standard in our field in regard to athletic training job placement. My NATA membership continues to be a worthwhile investment.”

Marcus Holliday, MA, ATC, LAT, CES
Associate Athletic Trainer
East Texas Baptist University

Sexton on Member Benefits

“The NATA has been a valued professional guide for me throughout my career. The NATA has also provided me with so many opportunities for professional growth and development that I cannot begin to quantify them. Most of all I value the NATA because it is made up of us, its members. I learned very early in my career that professional involvement, to any degree, was our professional responsibility and the NATA has allowed me to be involved. Any professional association is only as strong as its membership and that is apparent in the NATA. I tell my students to 'be a member and be involved!”

Patrick Sexton, EdD, ATC, ATR, CSCS
Professor and Director of Athletic Training Education
Minnesota State University

Derby on Member Benefits

“I feel that being a member is valuable and important because it keeps me involved with a group that I can relate with. It keeps me closer to fellow colleagues and gives me a way to be involved with them, even if I don't know them well. Not only does it give common ground but it allows me to keep up with things going on with the profession. I feel it is also important to make it to the convention. It is a great way to see how the NATA works for us and know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Chad Derby, ATC, LAT
William Penn University

Kleber on Member Benefits

“My NATA membership is valuable to me because I know it supports the amazing things my state organization is doing to support me as a practicing athletic trainer.”

Danielle Kleber, ATC
Athletes' Training Center

Starr on Member Benefits

“Two words that come to mind concerning the value of the NATA are "Relationships and History." I was fortunate to have two great mentors in Al Hart and Ken Wolfert. In addition, I came into the NATA at an early time with some of the early pioneers of the Association - Jay Colville, Pinky Newell, Al Sawdy, and Ernie Biggs. I was so lucky to have known all these men and the NATA was influential in developing these relationships. Through the years, the NATA has continued to create a venue to develop and cement relationships with people like Bobby Barton, Chris Patrick, Phil Donley, and Kent Falb. I hope we never forget these great athletic trainers.”

Larry M. Starr, ABD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, USPTA
Starr Athletic Solutions, LLC

Marley on Member Benefits

“My NATA membership is an invaluable tool in keeping me abreast of current legislative, research and professional advancement activities across the nation. I applaud the efforts of the NATA to protect, promote and support the Athletic Training profession. I also feel my association with the NATA affords me a higher level of credibility when I initiate a new relationship with other healthcare professionals. ”

Bob Marley, MA, ATC, LAT, CSCS
University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Marley on Member Benefits

“My NATA membership was the key to the door on my career. After joining as a student member during my undergraduate days, and rejoining years later prior to BOC certification, the NATA has given me the opportunity to pursue a career in professional baseball, and along the way, actually attend a World Series with my team as one of the participants. The NATA made that career path possible, and made that dream come true. ”

Chris Tomashoff, ATC
Tampa Bay Rays

Barrett on Member Benefits

“Being a member of the NATA is an invaluable tool for today’s athletic trainer and student. Membership provides the essentials to stay current with our profession’s evolution and offers an outlet to interact with other members who share the same enthusiasm and commitment to athletic training. I cannot imagine why any athletic trainer and student would not make becoming a member of the NATA a top priority. ”

John Barrett, MS, ATC, LAT
University of Florida

Leigh on Member Benefits

“I have been a member of the NATA since 1974. The value of membership to me is camaraderie, friendship and the mentoring it has provided in the profession of athletic training. I have met lifelong friends through the NATA and the national convention has been invaluable for continuing education. ”

David Leigh, MS, ATC
Clinical Assistant Professor
Marquette University

Matz on Member Benefits

“I love meeting and learning from esteemed members of our profession at the district and national conferences. I attended my first national convention in San Antonio in 2009 as a member of the District Two quiz bowl team. It was a great experience because I got to meet and exchange ideas with other athletic trainers and students. ”

Neil Matz, MS, ATC, PES
Bishop McDevitt High School

Montgomery on Member Benefits

“As a physician, I am also a member of several physician organizations. The NATA is affordable and provides more value than some of my other professional memberships. I wish some of the organizations I belong to were as organized and helpful as the NATA.”

Stefan Montgomery MD, ATC

Martinez on Member Benefits

Being a member of the NATA is valuable to me because they are constantly promoting our profession and trying to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of athletic trainers. I am proud to be a member of this great organization.

Raul Martinez ATC, LAT
Lone Star High School
Frisco, TX

Johnson on Member Benefits

The NATA has meant a new future for me. It is full of the excitement of doing something different, meeting new people, and especially having a career instead of a job every single day.

Sarah Jamie Johnson, ATC
SJJ Athletic Training Services
Owner/Lead AT
Phoenix, AZ

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